Do you enjoy new challenges? Are you looking for a stimulating, friendly work environment where you can surpass yourself and continuously move forward?
Wellcom is seeking inquisitive, creative, resourceful and kind people with a passion for working in an agency. All our positions are open to people with disabilities.
Join us!

Why join Wellcom?

Wellcom isn’t just France’s leading independent communication & public relations agency, boasting over 35 years of history and 120 employees. It’s a company with a strong culture, values and teams that share goals based on recognised expertise and performance.

Aware of its social role, Wellcom has been committed to CSR since 2009 and delivers Human Rights Watch pro bono services. The agency also considers the environment and its employees’ well being very important.

We’re committed to non-discrimination and equal treatment of men and women. Wellcom achieved a rating of 75/100, which was tallied and published in 2021 in application of the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future. This score reflects our commitment and dedication to workplace equality, a source of energy and balance essential to Wellcom. It’s a starting point to work even harder for gender equality.

Our organisation, structured yet open at the same time, leaves plenty of room for individual self-expression to maximise team performance while offering a framework conducive to boosting productivity.