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This page describes the legal mentions that apply to any Internet user who visits this site. Since the legal mentions may be changed at any moment and without prior warning, we recommend that you consult them regularly.

Any visitor to the site shall be deemed to accept the rules that govern the functioning of the site. These provisions do not relieve the person of the obligations contracted by accessing the site via a link or a page of a third party site.

The hypertext links set in place within the scope of the present site and that are aimed at other resources present on the Internet network, and notably, towards the partners, are clearly identified and the managers of the sites indicated have been informed or have given permission for the links to be indicated. Wellcom shall remove the hyperlinks immediately on request from the companies that the said sites belong to. Wellcom cannot be held responsible for the hypertext links towards other resources present on the Internet network.

The sites and articles that are published therein or towards which links are created are not legal, accounting, commercial, fiscal or financial consultations since these require analysis of a specific case by a professional.

The opinions expressed by the visitors to sites that the Wellcom site provides links to are the sole responsibility of their individual authors. Moreover, Wellcom cannot be held responsible for the damages resulting from the interpretation or use of information that it provides access to.


The Site, its general structure and the texts, animated images or otherwise, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphic designs and any other element that make up the site are the property of Wellcom and its clients.

The entire site is covered by French and International legislation on copyrights and intellectual property. The names, brands and logos quoted on this site are the property of their respective depositors. Any usage or reproduction, in full or in part, of the site, of the elements that comprise the site and/or the information contained within the site, through any process whatsoever, is an infringement that is sanctioned by the French Code of Intellectual Property.

However, the information that is specific to this site may be used by third parties under the following conditions: all the information disseminated directly on the site by Wellcom, with the exception of the iconography, photos, videos, posters, logos and brands, may be reproduced, represented or re-disseminated by third parties by simply providing prior information to this effect to the Webmaster and on condition that the source is mentioned. Wellcom reserves the right at any moment, without prior warning and without having to justify its decision, to forbid any relevant third party from using information as defined above. In this case Wellcom will inform the person in question that they have 8 working days to put an end to the practices entered into.

Either way, Wellcom and its members retain all the intellectual property rights regarding these elements and reserve the right at any moment, without prior warning and without having to justify their decision, to forbid any relevant third party from using information as defined above. In this case Wellcom will inform the person or company in question that they have 8 working days to put an end to the practices entered into.


Wellcom shall not be held responsible for a third-party website that you access via the site.

We have no way of controlling the contents of these third-party sites that remain totally independent from Wellcom. Moreover, the existence of a link between the site and a third-party site does not in any case mean that Wellcom approves in whatever capacity of the contents of the site and in particular of the usage that could be made of it.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to adopt the necessary precautions in order to avoid any contamination of the Site, in particular by one or several viruses, Trojan Horses or any other parasite.

External sites may contain hypertext links that point to the Site. This kind of link cannot be installed without prior express approval from Wellcom.  In all events, Wellcom is not in any way responsible for the non-availability of such sites and Wellcom neither examines controls, approves nor is responsible for the contents, advertising, products or other elements available on or via these sites.


Wellcom will not divulge to third parties personal information concerning you that you could communicate directly to them yourself using electronic messaging. Your information will only be used in the aim of responding to you in the most efficient way possible.

In compliance with the French Data Protection Act n°2004-801 of 6 August 2004 that modifies law n°78-17 of 06 January 1978 concerning the law on Information Technology and Civil Liabilities, you have the right to access, modify, amend or delete your personal data. This right may be exercised by contacting the Webmaster.


You recognize that it is technically impossible to provide a site that is exempt from any defects and that Wellcom cannot commit to this; that defects may lead to the temporary unavailability of the site; and that the functioning of the site may be affected by events and/or elements that Wellcom cannot control, for example, such as transmission and communication resources between you and Wellcom and between Wellcom and other networks.

Wellcom Group and/or its suppliers will at all times be able to modify or interrupt temporarily or in a permanent manner, all or part of the site in order to carry out maintenance operations and/or make improvements and/or modifications on the site. Wellcom is not responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of the site.


The site and its contents are governed by French Law and any potential dispute in relation to the site will be subject to the competence of the French Courts.


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