Our expertise allows us to create trusting relationships and shape enlightened opinions, which ensure interest and cohesiveness. Conviction – the cornerstone of our often bold and creative, efficient approach – enables us to create connections and enlighten the people you want to reach. We design tailor-made strategies and tactics carried by the right message to shed light on your purpose, goals, services and products through the most relevant communication channels and influence networks.

We believe in the power of tailor-made strategies to develop your reputation, defend your interests and create conviction and preference.



At the heart of influence strategies, our teams connect brands to their stakeholders – journalists, bloggers, influencers, economists, opinion leaders, elected officials, associations, consumers, citizens, etc. – and put their public relations and strategic planning expertise at the service of high-impact campaigns. We take a crosscutting approach and seek to win your target public’s trust and commitment by creating singularity in your communication, which is always based on a thorough analysis of your identity and environment.


Wellcom designs and rolls out content, which is at the heart of the digital transformation, to ensure consistency, relevance and the power of corporate and brand communication. Our teams of consultants put their creativity and knowledge of ecosystems at the service of ideas, image, goals and influence.


From monitoring and mapping the media and influencers to launching media and influence campaigns, our teams advise you and stand by your side to build and nurture lasting relationships with journalists and influencers, produce relevant content, carry out special operations and forge partnerships allowing you to emerge. They are highly knowledgeable about French media and opinion relays: wellsprings of trusting, long-term relationships.


Every crisis, sensitive time and buzz requires appropriate communication. We offer training, audit-based preventive actions and support for leaders to anticipate these situations. We create management tools that make it possible to react and resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. To support you, we mobilise a team of consultants with plenty of experience in crisis situations, whether social, industrial, product, reputation or other. In association with the PEARL Crisis firm, we handle crisis management and communication at the same time.


We develop content and approach strategies for parliamentary and regulatory lobbying and the relationship with influencers, opinion leaders and the media via e-influence channels (social media) or meetings (networking) to defend your interests and foster preference. The agency’s mission is to help you become an expert, a special contact for government officials.


Managing brands’ reputation on the web and social media, the main source of information for citizens, consumers and the media, is crucial for a company’s image today. Our many, highly specialised areas of expertise – tracking opinion, analysing the perception of the image online, anticipating reputation risks, identifying the content and levers of influence most likely to foster trust, rolling out digital influence strategies – offer you the best response.


As an accredited training organisation, we have a large catalogue of courses including media training, public speaking, social media, crisis communication and simulation and speechwriting. A team of professionals (journalists, coaches, psychologists, technical experts and specialised consultants) leads our training workshops to pass on the best practices.


Raising your profile is key to boosting credibility, convincing, surprising, developing connections, making an impression, enhancing a product or brand and creating a world. We organise customised in-house or public events (20 to 1,000 participants), symposia and conferences for you. We design them with changing working and interaction methods in mind: whether people are present or remote, physical or 100% online, our events are always personalised.


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