There’s always a universal, funny, beautiful, official, fantastic or secret story to tell, but it can’t be far-fetched or outlandish. Our content teams are here to build your editorial projects with you, put your messages into writing and translate them visually to create a meaningful narrative. Words and pictures breathe life into your narrative with a quality approach to which we’re deeply committed. Want to tell a beautiful story? Get in touch with us!



Want to create content but don’t know where to start? Our experts advise you on choosing your editorial media and defining your editorial line and messages and how to treat them depending on your communication goals. We imagine the most relevant dissemination channels and the formats that hit the bull’s eye (articles, videos, computer graphics, games, etc.) for you.


Putting your communication into images is part of our skills set. We create storyboards and off-screen scripts for successful motion design animations or films, whether they’re pedagogical or in the words of experts. We combine words and graphics to create the story you want to tell.


Podcasts, a booming, wildly popular format, give your messages a voice. We write synopses, record interviews and calibrate soundtracks for you to create episodes so good that people will eagerly look forward to the next one.


Need to keep your employees or target public posted about your news and activities in order to boost visibility and create commitment? Ask our team to define the topics, write and do the graphic layout of your newsletters. You’ve got mail!


In-house or external, on paper or online, magazines are powerful creators of connections and meaning. They reveal what goes on behind the scenes, present a company’s talents, offer a look at the world of tomorrow and today and highlight a brand’s identity. We’re here to come up with the headings, subjects, angles, words and pictures that will make people want to read them!


We help you create your digital content platforms (websites, apps, collaborative intranet, blogs, etc.). Our command of SEO writing and UX design allows us to offer you ergonomic, relevant media geared to your public that will boost your visibility.


At a time when purpose is all-important, highlighting your company’s commitments is indispensable. Print or digital corporate publications – activity reports, CSR and ESG reports – help to introduce your activities to your investors, customers, employees, the media or other stakeholders. We build intelligent, relevant resources with you to show how you keep pace with a continuously changing world.


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