Based on three key pillars – intuition, experience and method – we explore your identity to reveal how your brand can showcase your values, purpose and skills. Our consultants rely on their sound brand management experience to support you in a dynamic process (co-construction, test and learn, research, etc.). The outlines of an image, a feeling and a meaning gradually emerge that will shape your discourse and messages. It’s more than chemistry – it’s alchemy!



To project your brand identity and define its capital sens® in both form and substance, we give shape to your vision of the future of its market or the world, its mission, its values and the communication positioning able to convey that view. Our method is based on audits, listening carefully to people and co-construction workshops (design thinking).


A brand, a company or a product is first and foremost a name – one that resonates with your target public, carries your history and expresses your values. Our team of experts brainstorms with you on changing a name and developing brand architecture scenarios to create a strong, unique name that will mirror your identity and guide your communication.


How can a strong, universally recognisable and lasting identity be built? With a carefully stage-managed creative approach and a visual toolbox (logo, graphic charter). Our creatives look for what makes you unique to translate it into visual, typographical, iconographic and sound codes that build your difference. The result: your brand stands out!


The agency’s philosophy is to get right to the heart of ideas, messages and feelings. To emerge, stand out and win the battle for attention, trust our creative teams: we design corporate advertising to make your voice heard, with the conviction that it’s necessary to speak less but better, bring more beauty, inspire, give meaning & purpose and be appealing.


Your digital image can help you to meet several goals, from promoting your company and products to sharing your commitments. Our team creates original or prospective content, based on strategic research and a clear editorial line in order to feed your showcase website, media websites or social media, helping to raise your long-term visibility!


Employees are at the heart of companies’ strategic and cultural transformation. To get them committed to change, foster behavioural changes and promote wellbeing at work, Wellcom provides communication strategies and tools that create connections with a single goal: uniting your teams around a project, a vision and a roadmap by combining awareness-raising and emotion.


How can you attract talent and breathe new life into your company culture? By working on your HR image, capitalising on employee advocacy and developing employee loyalty. Our consultants achieve these goals. They advise you and help you to roll out recruitment campaigns, reputation strategies and in-house communication tools dedicated to human resources.


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